5 Best Places for creating Color Scheme

If you’ve done any kind of design, you at least know a little bit about color, it’s really important for web design or any graphic design work, because it can build mood, feeling, and trust for the design it self, in this video i will show you what is the best tool to find a color scheme for your project

Color hunt

With color hunt tool you can find color schemes by category, put them in your collection or create your own palette. This website has a very simple, clean and straigh forward interface.

Besides browsing color palet by category, you can also browse by the most popular one.

There is lots of color palette to choose from and keep growing day by day, you can easily pick your favorite palette and put them in your own collection for easy to compare. or if you want to create your own palete this website can help you to do so.


Second is Muzli, besides browsing the most Popular color palettes, you can also upload your own image to get sample color and bookmark your favorite color palette.

One of the best features of this site is that you can immediately see the live Demo for the color palette you have selected, a very useful feature especially if you are still not sure how the color will look like in the real project.

Adobe Color

The most popular one is Adobe color, you can discover current color trends in many different industries from Fashion, Architecture, UI/UX, Game Design, travel and etcetera. you can also create your own palette using a color wheel or upload your own image to extract color Theme.

The best feature for this site is you can use Accessibility Tools to ensure your color choices are visually accessible whether to normal people or people with color blindness.


Another one is Colorable, a tool to check your Contrast for the text whether is good or not in the design.

One of my favorite thing about this site is, you can click the random button to generate a color scheme, really helpful especially if you still unsure about what color to choose in your design.


Last but not least the most famous one is Canva. You can upload your own image to extract color scheme, browse color inspiration and use color wheel to create your own palette, You can also read helpful articles about colors and learn what it’s mean.

The best feature of Canva is that you can start creating your own designs right away with their free app.

Overall, choosing colors for your design project is not as simple as you might think, luckily with the help of some of these tools can help us make this job easier than ever.

Let me know in the comments below, what is your favorite tool for choosing a color scheme.