Outsourcing your idea

Do you think is possible to hire someone to do our work? even more than that how about hire someone outside our country that we don’t really know about?

I think it’s interesting idea that you could do that and for me is really change my life were i can free so much of my time so i can do another important thing.

I remember when i start build my own website i do everything by my self, i learn programing, graphic design, writing, marketing because i don’t have money and knowledge how to hire someone.

I think it’s really good thing if you want to start to build something because you will learn a lot by doing it that way, even tough is really challenging to do and the skill you learn is really useful for you if some point you start hire someone to do your work in the future because you know the stuff you build inside and out.

My favorite analogy of outsourcing is like building a house, if you want build a house there are a lot of thing to do like do foundation, roofing, plumbing, electricity, drawing a house plan etc and if you try to do it by yourself it will take forever, you will stressful and take a loot of your time, so i do not recommend it.

Instead how about hire someone to do our work, then you start hire plumber, electrician, worker and you doing your own strength like drawing a house plan for example. and if you do that it will make your dream house done quickly and look amazing because you hire someone who expert in specific area.

In order to get your project done fast or want to grow your online business especially, you need help from other people, it is not possible to do it by yourself especially if you try to build a large project. that’s why learn how to outsourcing is extremely helpful and not only saving money and getting your project get done on time also is the easy way of reaching out people who have expertise on something. The biggest reason why i love outsource is literally you can become anyone, you can become a broke college student or CEO in a big company, and you can outsourcing literally anything you can think of from programmer to marketer, from accounting to customer support and the price can be extremely low.

Talking about price, outsourcing does save money but it’s not free and still cost some money especially if you try to build a large project. it depend how you can find the right person with the right budget for your project.

for example to hire a quality programmer in the US using outsourced web sites is probably going to cost $30-$50 per hour, and you will be surprise when find same quality programmer for $10-$15 per hour in India, Philippines or Russia. So there are huge gap difference depend where they live and we can use this as advantage to save money.

My favorite site to find a freelance is freelancer.com in this site you can post a project , have people bid on your project, negotiate on price or directly contact them after you look at their profile to find out their expertise, portfolio and review from their past work before you pick someone that suitable for your project.

Another site i recommend is upwork.com, although the price for freelancer in this site is little bit expensive but you will find the best person for your project . so if you don’t have a budget problem i really recommend use this site.

if you think those site is expensive, i have another one which is fiverr.com, this is my favorite site if you just want to start and learn to hire someone, just for $5 you can hire someone to do a simple task like make small changes in your site, write few paper of essay or try to grow your Instagram follower. of course if you need something more there are additional fee for specific need.

Author from the book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a specific field, so if you don’t have enough skill and time required, outsource is really great method if you want to get your project get done quickly. it’s not only can save money, time and energy also it’s the best way to connect with people who can make our idea into reality.

I really recommend you to learn it because it can develop your partnership skill, learn to delegate and grow your online business to the next level.