What Is a User Interface?

UI stand for User Interface, Someone who responsible to design the look, feel and interactivity of a digital interface whether is a website or mobile app. Including but not limited to Icon and button, Typography, Color, Imagery and other visual element.

We can use graphic design software such as photoshop, figma or sketch to make our design become reality.

UI designer will normally have a background in an art subject like graphic design, and some experience in a visual design field. A great UI design can make or break a wire-frame from UX Designer into beautifull interface. If the imagery is not right for the style or does not match the content, then the website will not be as effective. UX and UI need to work in sync for making succesfull website.

Let’s See an example how UI can be implement in real life situation

Change color of the button when people hover and click can sometimes double click-through rate, Imagine being able to double your customers by changing a single color.

A powerful image choice can dramatically increase emotion and create a feeling of connection with your audience. When paired together properly, they can supercharge your business or product.

By really taking the time to crafting and provide accessibility features such as larger fonts, accessible colors, and enabling high contrast mode, we can really add value to people’s lives using design.

Small design elements like animations can be added to increase understanding and a hint to expected behaviors. The whole experience has a precision that dramatically increases the overall customer experience.

It’s vital that UX and UI both work together. You’d be making sure everyone is hitting in the right direction. if you’re in a small agency, or design shop with 1-5 people, you are going to be both UI designer and UX designer. However If you’re working at larger companies, larger organizations or bigger agencies, you might be split off and be one of these things individually.